Java 8: Streams in Hibernate and Beyond This post elaborates on the added superficially small but fundamentally important streams feature of Hibernate 5.2 and then discuss how the Java 8 stream ORM Speedment takes the functional paradigm further by removing the language barrier and thus enabling a clean declarative design. Java 8: Query Databases Using Streams Speedment is an alternative to traditional ORMs, and older database classes requiring 100 lines of Java code may be replaced with a single line of Java 8 Easily Create Database Content With Java 8 How to update or add information to an existing database using a Java application without having to write a lot of boilerplate code. Use Smart Streams With Your Database in 2 Minutes Read this article and learn just how easily database streaming with Java 8 can be done. Write your own database applications in just a few lines in minutes. The Need for Speed in Web Applications Learn how to query, filter, sort, and page over huge tables in milliseconds rather than in seconds or minutes. Ext Speeder is a tool for automatically generating Sencha Ext JS back end REST interfaces directly from existing databases. Ext Speeder can also use an in-memory cache to back data grids with hundreds of million elements with extreme performance. Parallel Database Streams Using Java 8 Read this post and learn how you can process data from a database in parallel using parallel streams and Speedment, which can lead to significant speed increases. Work With Parallel Database Streams Using Custom Thread Pools In this follow up post, you will learn how you can lay out parallel database streams over your own custom thread pools. Parsing Java 8 Streams Into SQL How to resolve performance issues when trying to use databases the “Java 8 way.” Bye Manual SQL, Hello Speedment! Learn how you can write database applications rapidly using code generation and leverage Java 8’s stream library. Make Your Own Plugin: Insert and Read From a Database Using JSON Speedment is a code generation tool for Java that connects to a database and use it as a reference for generating entity and manager files for your project. Database CRUD Operations in Java 8 Streams Here’s a nice tutorial of using the open source Speedment library to work with various database CRUD operations in Java with Java-8-style lambdas. What’s New in Speedment 3.0? Read this article and learn more on how the new version of Speedment was modularized and how you can benefit from modularizing your own project. A Closer Look at Speedment 3.0.1 ”Forest” Stream ORM Learn what’s up with the new major release of Speedment and see what you can do with a stream-based ORM and Java 8 and how you can express database queries in pure Java.