Commercial Licensing

No matter what kind of database you have or what scaling you need, Speedment offers a flexible solution. Speedment’s commercial licenses offer a full set of tools to handle large volumes of data in real time. See what license is right for you.

Speedment Enterprise License

If you’re using Speedment to build applications that are central to your business, then the commercial Speedment Enterprise License is the right choice. The license includes:

  • Commercial database connectors (Oracle, DB2, AS400, SQLserver, etc)
  • In Memory Acceleration
  • Production Support
  • Maintenance
  • Software Assurance
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If you want to include Speedment in your packaged software product we can offer you our commercial OEM licensing.

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Test and Evaluation

Speedment can be used under Apache 2 open source license which is perfect for testing and evaluation before you go into production. If you want to test in memory acceleration and the commercial database connectors you can use a 30 days free trial license.

Use the Initializer to learn what trial license is best for you.

Community Edition

  • MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
  • Code Generation
  • Stream ORM

Enterprise Edition

  • Oracle, DB2, SQL Server
  • In-Memory Acceleration
  • Code Generation
  • Stream ORM

Ext Speeder

  • REST API Generator
  • In-Memory Acceleration
  • Ext JS Compatible