Immidiate Return on Investment

Todays society require modern fast application. This in turn requires modern agile application development. A major obstacle for many companies is that the current application software monolith that are unable to meet modern efficiency demands. With the Speedment Toolkit and Runtime there is no need for risky and costly migrations. The hardware and the database itself will be reused and perform even better than most NoSQL solutions. A legacy application using a relational database entails high development and maintenance costs since the application contains code that is tightly coupled to the database engine interface. Developing a new feature or adjusting an existing feature in the application that requires any change in the data model will also require changes in the code adapting between the database and the application. Therefore, seemingly small changes in the requirements create a need for adapting code at several levels of the system design. A high cost of maintaining and developing new features does not only constitute a cost per se, but does also deter from creating new features due to cost and risk of introducing regression problems. This lock-in effect to an existing set of features is the very opposite of the agile characteristics of modern agile application development.     In this paper we have shown how businesses with a demand for low latency access to a high data volume relational database can benefit from working with new technology and use software instead of hardware to build scalable high performance systems for agile real-time market demands.