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Exploding data volumes have become a multi-industry problem. The amount of data, the number of transactions and the relationships between data grow more complex and become more dynamic every day. At the same time, there is a shift towards dynamic web applications, mobile applications and more users. There is a constant and growing need for more capacity and yet better performance while minimizing the IT cost. To solve the performance problems, IT departments previously relied on new and more powerful hardware and on redesign of application architecture. Speedment presents a bold solution built and derived directly from the cloud.

We have put together comprehensive standard packages to fit a full spectrum from community to enterprise needs:

  • Community+: For learning and smaller do it yourself projects who wants support
  • Standard:  For  small businesses running on open source databases
  • Enterprise:  For Enterprise customers using commercial databases, needing accelerated performance or a REST API Manager

Read more about Speedment Runtime, Toolkit and the plug-ins.

If you have any other requirements please feel free to contact our sales to get a customized offer.



When you are using Speedment, everything is prepared for Insane Mode to truly boost your application. Our dedicated Speedment Engineers will customize the solution, remove bottlenecks and make your application several magnitudes faster.
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Speedment Kick Start Package – helps you to get to production faster.

Dedicated Consulting Engineer – Benefit from having an expert engineer from Speedment service your organization about development and operations.


Customized training sessions to get your team up to speed.



Speedment and our partner Sencha provide a solution for web developers to rapidly develop blazingly fast cross-platform big data applications. To leverage the power of modern web technology (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) to build universal web applications that can run on desktops, tablets and smart-phones. Support for NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.

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