Speedment, Inc.

Speedment, Inc. is an IT company headquartered in Palo Alto. The company name “Speedment” is a combination of “Speed” and “Development” and derives from our background as seasoned developers. Speedment specialises in cutting edge developer tools and performance optimization for database applications. From the business side this gives a new alternative for scaling and efficiency: Stay on your existing hardware, get vast scaling flexibility, save money, time and the risk with migrating your data assets. As a result of this optimized communication process between your application and the data source, you will experience magnitudes of performance increase in your data querying.

With the Speedment Java Stream ORM toolkit and runtime for accelerated SQL database applications, the company has raised the standard for high performance accelerators within cluster based computing. It has been successfully deployed on a variety of platforms, ranging from small, embedded systems to high performance super servers. Customers include leading companies in manufacturing, media, bank, telecom, transport, retail, publishing and entertainment.

Management Team

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Carina Dreifeldt
Chief Executive Officer
Per Minborg
Chief Technology Officer
Malin Weiss
Chief Marketing Officer
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Elis Minborg
Head of Design
Dan Lawesson
Chief Science Officer
Michael Peckham
Chief Finance Officer
Emil Forslund
Community Manager
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Matts Kastengren
Board Member
Rune Nordlander
Board Member